Vánoční ozdoby, DUV-družstvo


The company Vánoční ozdoby, DUV-cooperative specializes in a traditional production of glass Christmas decorations. All our products are handmade – without using machines. In the production we use the worldwide colour standard that consists of about 600 shades in up to six effects for each of them – gloss, mat, frost lacquer, porcelain, metallic paint and a so-called shell effect. We can meet all kinds of needs and wishes of our customers thanks to a wide range of sprinkling and accessories.

Also the way of packaging and preparing for dispatching varies according to the wishes of our customers. We can pack the decorations into standard white boxes with a cross-shaped lattice or boxes with a window lid of our production. It is also possible to pack the decorations into customer’s own containers, which they can bring from another producer. During the dispatching it is possible to sort the goods into chain stores or sorted cartons. Usually we ship the goods on Euro-pallets. The customs clearance is included in the dispatching of the goods.


The technology of the production of the glass Christmas decorations is constantly innovated in accordance to productivity and profit and also environmental protection. Currently our company purchases all the production components from suppliers who can prove the absence of harmful substances in their products according to the norms of the EU.

Up to year 1991 all export was realized by Jablonex (joint-stock company), Jablonec nad Nisou. Since 1992 our cooperative has been co-operating with Ornex ltd., Jablonec nad Nisou, which exports about 85% of our production abroad. We sell 10% through our own direct contacts and sell about 5% at the domestic market. Currently, our cooperative is the biggest producer of handmade and painted glass Christmas decorations in the Czech Republic. It also belongs among the main producers in the EU.

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